Process & Services

Servilamina is fully committed to its customers and therefore always looking quality in its processes and services.

Highly efficient distribution systems and strategically located facilities with expansive warehousing enables SSM to meet customer's Just-In-Time delivery needs.

Avaible Products in Queretaro Plant

Avaible Products in Monterrey Plant


Processing Facilities

  *SSM Queretaro
3 Slitting machines, 2 Leveller sheares, 2 Re-sheares, 1 Core Cutting.

  *SSM Monterrey
2 Slitting machines, 1 Unicore machine, 2 Core Cutting lines.

Packaging lines, Overhead cranes, Forklifts, standard and quality processes and a large employees team working according with the customers needs.

High Level Production

Our facilities allow to have a production of 15,000 Tons per month.


Roofed mother coils warehousing area, Roofed finish goods warehousing area, Steel processing exclusive area.

*Total roofed area              *Total field area
SSM QRO = 8,300m2           SSM QRO = 48,000m2
SSM MTY = 3,000m2            SSM MTY = 17,000m2

Just in Time Delivery

The available products are offered on "Just in Time basis" including Kanban, EDI communications, etc.

Products Variation

We offer a great variation of steel products and processes, oriented to satisfy every customer requirement.

To know about our Quality Specifications & Machinery Specifications please Contact our Technical Support Team.