Steel Service Center

Our steel service center procure steel sheet and coil materials from major steelmakers worldwide to cut and process them as desired by our customers.

Our Mission

Our people produce steel solutions in a creative, safety and profitable way with high quality in a sustainable manner and in accomplish with the law.

Message From The CEO

 As a Sumitomo Corporation group company, Servilamina Summit is committed to contributing to the development of local communities and industries in Mexico. This is one of the six core components of achieving sustainable growth with society as shown in the diagram below. Because we are a global organization, one of our challenges is in achieving harmony within that environment.

Sumitomo Corporation sustainable philosophy

Six Material Issues to Achieve Sustainable Growth with Societv


The basis for the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s operations can be found in the Sumitomo Business Philosophy, which has formed the basis for Sumitomo’s sustainable development over the course of 400 years. One of the creeds of this philosophy says: “Benefit for oneself and for others, private and public interests are the same.”
We interpret this creed as advocating that Sumitomo’s business activities should benefit not only Sumitomo, but also the society around us to achieve sustainable growth together.


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Just In Time Deliveries

We provide a just in time delivery service based on accurate determination of your demand, that allows you to reduce inventory space and costs.

Import and Export

We offer optimal solutions for you with our several preferential import duty programs, capable of door to door delivery through our Sumitomo Group offices around the world.


We add value to your company with our smooth logistics chain, moving the products with priority on safe, quality and on time.

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